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Are there any studies regarding nicotine excretion through the skin?

Nicotine can easily be absorbed through the skin. There are tons of studies on that, and the fact that e.g. trans-dermal patches work. A pediatrician recently mentioned that smokers also excreted ...
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Is it harmful to touch/inhale soaked/liquid printer ink? [closed]

I have been printing a lot of work last night, but I accidentally placed my printed stack of paper (5 pages back to back filled printer ink) on top of a shelf below my air conditioner, next to me and ...
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Is there any evidence for any positive effects on body functions by alkaline spas?

When a friend asked me what she could expect from alkaline bathings, did I know of any evidence. A quick research also did not reveal meaningful data. From what I know there should be absolutely no ...
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Anodized aluminum, skin contact, and health risks

Are there any health risks from wearing a watch made of anodized aluminum? Will aluminum get into the body through the skin?
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Are there any health risks with regular, long term use of anti-perspirant?

Is there any evidence that the chemicals used should be a cause for concern? Do any active ingredients enter the blood stream and is there any risk to damage to your pores?
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