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How does our brain get its Mg when we don't take Mg threonate which is the only form known to increase its levels?

Obviously, if magnesium from foods or other forms of magnesium supplements can't enter our brains, our brains must be low in it before the invention of magnesium threonate. With low brain magnesium, ...
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Anesthesia without amnesia? [closed]

Usually, people "waking up" from anesthesia appear to be drunk/uninhibited and also have no memory of these events. I understand that this is usually because of drugs like Midazolam or Propofol which ...
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Brain performance suppliments [closed]

My 27 years old brain lacks concentration and memory, mood to perform daily task is lazy. I used to have a test most of the vitamins are ok except D and B complex Below average a little bit. Which ...
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How to improve your short term memory?

When I check online for memory improvement, I mostly come across games. But I am a software developer, and my job is like solving puzzles all the time while debugging the codes for nearly 10 years. ...
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How can I manage the symptom of forgetfulness in a patient with dementia?

I am a caregiver of a dementia patient, who forgets things all the time. I would like to know how to manage this symptom of dementia so I can help the patient. What should I do about this ...
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