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Can you get shingles if you never have had chickenpox but got the chickenpox vaccine?

Some sources say it's possible, while others say the opposite. The following links are just some of the examples. But in theory you need to have had chickenpox first before you can get shingles. Isn't ...
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What is the recovery trajectory for numbness preceding shingles?

When a mild, small shingles outbreak (8-10 square inches) is preceded by a few days of numbness that covers the affected area, what are the expectations for normal feeling to return after the shingles ...
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Continuing effectiveness of anti-viral drugs after shingles outbreak

When shingles is treated with famciclovir for a few weeks and the rash disappears but the pain persists, can another course of treatment with famciclovir reduce pain? If not, what other medications ...
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Postherpetic neuralgia: Treat or suffer the pain (if you can suffer)? [closed]

Postherpetic neuralgia can be treated by various analgesics, but I'm not sure that I need them, actually I can suffer that pain quite well. But may be analgesics still do something more then just "...
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Can I spread Shingles to other parts of my own body?

I've got shingles. Yuck. It is possible for me to accidentally spread it to other parts of my own body? If the virus is on my fingers (from touching the blisters, I suppose) and I touch my eye, could ...
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Can shingles on one part of my body spread to another?

I broke out with shingles to my face. Can I spread the virus to other parts of my own body (for example, to my nasal mucosa) by scratching? I've googled and found contradictory information. Some ...
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