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Why am I feeling too weak that can’t stand up after seeing new syllabus before two days of exam? [closed]

My heart rate increasing, hand is shaking, feeling too weak that can’t stand up Why is this happening to me??
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Violent Shivering in Wounded and Incapacitated Patients

I am researching various behaviours patients exhibit when wounded, for a game project. Apparently, when going into shock, people will sometimes shake violently? I wondered how often this happens if ...
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What is the difference between stress and excitement?

I was wondering if excitement is also bad for your body. I know it uses the same parts of the brain. And when i feel excited I don't want to eat and i get jittery. it is also the same with stress or ...
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Why do so many people suffer from glossophobia (fear of public speaking)? How to overcome glossophobia?

I heard the surely fake statistic that the number one fear in America is Public Speaking. Yes, second to death. While that may not be an accurate statistic, it demonstrates that degree to which ...
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Why do I feel shaky after only a small amount of caffeine?

I like coffee, but caffeine seems to 'wire' me much more extremely than most other people. I feel energized or even shaky after less than half a normal cup, and a whole 8 ounces will usually cause me ...
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