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Misophonia and autism

I would like to know, is there an area of overlap between misophonia and autism? Because I have heard autistic people are sensitive to specific sounds in absence of love and cover their ears. How ...
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Are "latex fruit intolerance/syndrome" and "histamine intolerance" related or otherwise two names for the same problem?

I have an intolerance to bananas and avocados without a doubt. I get bowel cramps, bloating, and if I eat way too much of those foods, some mild topical itching on my skin. My research for latex ...
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What is cross-resistance against lice?

I have read here on Wikipedia the following passage: Head lice infestations might serve as a protection against body lice by inducing cross-resistance. I understand that cross-resistance for ...
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Can processed cheese cause a thickening of toenails? [closed]

Can a thickening of ones toenails occur if toxic food, such as wrongly processed cheese, frequently is consumed? Foods that are overloaded with toxic food additives, in other words?
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