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What makes mint feel painful?

By what mechanism does mint create a sensation similar to coldness or pain in one's mouth? Why would this sensation become less and less over time with repeated exposure to mint?
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My son doesn't feel cold [closed]

My son doesn't like to wear cloths at home. In winters, he lets me shut the heat in his room because he feels hot. The most sentences I hear from him are: It's burning I am not hungry Sitting in ...
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How many senses do we have?

Although we are taught in school that we have five senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing), the real number is much higher. Among others, we also have the following senses: Kinesthesia (...
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What is the name of the sense that keeps track of where your body parts are?

I know that we have a sense that allows the brain to keep track of the locations of each of our limbs, digits, etcetera, but I can never remember what it is called. I would guess that most people aren'...
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Is there evidence that women feel cold faster than men?

There is a cliche saying that women freeze faster than men. Also, there have been several articles in health journals addressing this question. (e.g. this article: "Why women feel the cold more than ...
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