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What is daily sedation interruption for ventilated patients?

I was reading about ventilator bundle here and came across this term called Daily Sedation Interruption. Does this term mean break in giving the sedation drugs? How can this help in reducing the ...
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Why is it called Conscious Sedation?

Is it common for patients undergoing a procedure where conscious sedation is used to have no memory of the procedure? According to Conscious ...
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Is death due to drug-induced respiratory arrest painful?

Overdose of many psychoactive drugs (opiates, benzodiazepines and others) can cause respiratory arrest, which may lead to death. This appears in every prescribing information of said drugs, but I was ...
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Can anesthesia cause addiction?

One time before having a small operation I was given N2O gas (hope so) and an injection of some sedative (I don't know which one). I went high on the first dose and was given the injection ...
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Any Drug working as " Anti Anaesthetic "?

i wanted to know is there any drug to defuse the effects of anaestethics and sedatives? And not being a prescribed drug , or meant for specific diseases? By the way I have Hashimoto, so it shouldn't ...
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Patients typically sedated during a colonoscopy?

I just had a colonoscopy and I believed they hooked me to an IV and injected a sedative of some sort, but it wasn't really effective as even though I was drowsy, I never went to sleep, and was fully ...
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Restless Legs Syndrome treatment

Is there any certain treatment for restless leg syndrome?! my father is 52 and it's really bothering him when he wanna go to sleep (anytime of day or night). He has the most severe form of this ...
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