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What happens when you accidentally inhale smoke once? [closed]

I usually wear a mask to cover my mouth and nose, because I am very sensitive to pungent smells. But one day I forgot to bring them when going out. I was walking to my flat one day, and was passing by ...
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Quantify third-hand smoke exposure risk

Are there any reliable reviews which quantify the risk associated with third hand smoke exposure? (For example in terms of second hand smoke exposure risk) The scientific literature I've read so far ...
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Is 2nd hand smoking worse than 1st hand smoking

I have heard many things about smoking and a main issue as of one being that 2nd hand smoking is worse than 1st hand smoking itself? (I do not smoke I am just around someone who does smoke) Is this ...
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To what extend can passive smoking be dangerous?

Recently, I got picked up by a friend's neighbour. His car extremely strongly smells of cigaretts. Is it bad for your lungs to stay in that car for let's say 15 minutes? Can such a short amount of ...
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Is the IQOS heat-not-burn cigarette safe?

I am researching the topic of electronic cigarettes and have recognized that Philip Morris has recently introduced in some markets the IQOS heat-not-burn cigarettes. What is their safety profile in ...
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Do surgical masks effectively protect me against passive smoking and off-gases from cars?

I really find myself threatened by the amount of passive smoke and off-gases of cars I have to inhale every day. I know that surgical mask are not the ultimate solution to it, but can I protect myself ...
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How serious is the risk of second hand smoke?

I am a non-smoker but enjoy going to a smoke filled casino near me for about 4 hours once a week. I take breaks to go outside for a few minutes throughout. How much risk (heart disease, lung cancer, ...
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cigarette vs exhaust gas [closed]

People always associate pollution to cars, but as a frequent biker, I don't really smell anything from exhaust pipes for all 'recent' cars. When a car passes me, I can always know by the smell if ...
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How much risk am I taking by joining my coworkers for smoke breaks?

Several of my coworkers take regular smoke breaks outside the office a few times per day. I don't smoke, but I join them once or twice a day. There are a few reasons why I find it valuable to do this: ...
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Gas from cigarette smoke

If a person walks indoors after smoking, they carry dust with them. But what about the gases from the smoke? Do those stick to the person or persist in the area and continue to pose a threat?
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