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Why handwash should last for 20 seconds or more?

General WHO recommendation says that handwash should last for 20 seconds or more. Why not 15, why not 30? What could be the biological relevance of the recommended time period?
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How do cleaning supplies, such as hand sanitizer or Clorox wipes, kill viruses?

I know that viruses are not living or nonliving things, and thus they cannot be "killed." I was wondering how the viruses would no longer be able to infect people after the application of things like ...
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Steps to ensure incoming foods from many grocery bags do not carry COVID-19 virus into the Refrigerator, Kitchen, Home?

PPS: If this is more Biology or LifeHacks then please feel to move it there. But this is a key VIRUS VECTOR that will come indoors and we are not all competent to "sanitize" the variety of items. ...
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Is the design of most public and office bathrooms badly defective from a sanitation perspective?

The vast majority of public, business, and office bathrooms that I see follow the same formula: No toilet seat lid covers Power flush Individual stalls with closeable door; hand-washing outside the ...
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Food sanitation

After getting ill due to bad sanitation of ingredients I decided to know a little better of the process of food hygienization. It first occurred to me that a good first step would be to use lots of ...
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Transmission of helicobacter pylori

I used spoon of my friend who had h pylori infection. Can it infect me. I shared her ice cream with the spoon that she was using.
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Is is safe to re-use McDonalds Lego Happy Meal Cups?

Over the last couple of years, we have accumulated several McDonalds Lego Happy Meal Cups from this release and other releases. We have been re-using them for drinks, both warm and cold and putting ...
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What exactly are the health risks of using public swimming pools?

I read this article few days ago. Long story short: people pee in swimming pools. A lot. The article itself got only this short paragraph related to health risks: However, while urine is sterile, ...
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Healthy practices: Bad smell in water bottle

I have this habit of having a water of bottle near me when I go to sleep. Not a while ago I used a plastic bottle for that - I refilled it each day or two. I read somewhere that plastic encourages ...
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Can diapers cause Toxic-Shock-Syndrome (TSS) like tampons do? [closed]

Can diapers cause Toxic-Shock-Syndrome (TSS) like tampons do? I know that tampons have notoriously been linked to TSS if they are not changed frequently enough..... While I know that diapers are ...
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Is it ok to not wash a contact lens?

My contact lens fell out onto a relatively clean surface. I picked it up and put it back into my eye without washing my hands or the contact. There were no visible particles on the contact and the ...
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Prophylactic effect of hand sanitizer

My workplace has inside the bathrooms two options for cleaning one's hands, both sinks with soap and towels, and a dispenser for alcohol-based hand sanitizer. When opening the door to the bathroom one ...
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How to clean a dental pick which has not been used in a long time?

I have a dental pick that has been lying around for a couple years which I haven't used. It has been on the floor and lying around nooks and crannies of drawers that haven't been really clean. I ...
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In which order to disinfect/wash your hands after going to the toilet in a hospital?

In hospitals, they encourage (and sometimes require) visitors to disinfect their hands. Public bathrooms provide disinfection next to the soap. After going to the toilet, should visitors wash and ...
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Do all hand sanitizers contribute to antibacterial resistance?

Some hand sanitizers contain triclosan to kill bacteria. Triclosan has been found to contribute to antibacterial resistance. I'm trying to reduce my use of products that contribute to antibacterial ...
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