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Is it indeed forbidden to clean a rabies wound with alcohol?

I've listen to a lecture of a Russian doctor who said that "it is forbidden to clean a rabies wound with alcholol" ("spirt") as a first treatment, he added that it is possible to disinfect the wound ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Do all kinds of alcohol trigger the relapse response in alcoholics?

Alcoholics are normally addicted to ethanol, but I was wondering, as an alcoholic (recovering), whether it is actually a broader addiction to the super-class of all alcohols. I know that methanol is ...
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Rubbing Alcohol and Vinegar

When someone has water stuck in their ear canal one of the remedies is a cotton ball soaked in equal parts of rubbing alcohol and vinegar and placed in the affected ear(s). What how does the alcohol ...
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Rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for small wounds?

Ignoring physical pain, is it better to use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean small wounds?
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