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Acute symptoms from radon gas exposure

If people live in a high-radon environment (100 pCi/L in breathed air) for just one week, is it unlikely that they would notice it? What is the pCi/L threshold where acute symptoms are likely to ...
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Does a radiologist adjust the amount of radiation for each individual?

When performing an x-ray (in the UK specifically) does a radiologist use different settings based on which body part they are x-raying? Or do they have the machine on one setting for everyone? I'm ...
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Is short exposure for a not high amount of radioactivity harmful? Has it benefits?

Background Radio active elements is the name for atomic elements with unstable nucleus. This nucleus can undergo different processes, each of them probably having different health effects. Problem I ...
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Are headphones with EMF measurement of 10,000 milligauss harmful to me?

I used an Electric-Magnetic Field detector app on my phone and measured the EMF output on my wired headphones. It measured around 10,000 milligauss (1mT) on one part of both ear cups. Since wearing ...
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Can radiosignals from Bluetooth-wristband have any impact on people health?

I don't afraid of low power radiosignals, but I need strong evidences to change minde of some people. Not so long ago such devices has become popular and wide-spreaded. Is there any research about ...
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What are the health benefits and risks of "radon therapy"?

As far as I know, a possible therapy for rheumatism and arthritis can be "radon therapy". My understanding is that this means bathing in a tub with water that contains radon. My question is, if this ...
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Danger from Environmental Radioactive pollution

I hope this is the proper forum to ask this question. In November I will be giving a short talk on Statistics to a Science group, and will be including a warning about how averages can mislead. One ...
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Is drinking 'radioactive carbon-14' safe?

How safe is drinking radioactive carbon-14 during urea breath test?
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is RADIO-SIGNAL Jammer safe for health?

Recently, I had to overview some WiFi technologies, and then wanted to check RADIOSIGNAL-BLOCKER hardware (a.k.a. WiFi/Cellural-Signal/Bluetooth/ Jammer). We needed to use that technology to block ...
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Derive radiation exposure from DICOM files

DICOM files (e.g. from CT scans) contain raditation related data. I think this is the relevant section in the standard. Here's an excerpt from such a DICOM file: (0018, 0022) Scan Options ...
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Could hairline fractures be obscured by x-ray images

I had fractured my ankle by the fracture of the fourth metatarsal was not seen in two X-rays that were taken. Only CT-scan revealed the cracks. Why is this the case? I was seen by an doctor who ...
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How much are Acute Radiation Syndrome and cancer correlated?

According to Wikipedia, Acute Radiation Syndrom (ARS) results from damage to DNA "other key molecular structures within the cells" I'd like to know how relevant damage of the second kind is. Given ...
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If a human is irradiated, how contagious are they?

If a human is exposed to radioactive materials but later they are removed from their body, does the human remain capable of contaminating others? Is there a decay curve for the risk of contagion, ...
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