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How does pulse oximetry work?

Pulse oximetry is a noninvasive method for monitoring a person's oxygen saturation (SO2). Though its reading of SpO2 (peripheral oxygen saturation) is not always identical to the more desirable ...
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How to lower SpO2?

My oximeter always shows a value of 97. I've been trying to figure out how to influence the value, however it always stays the same. I tried to hold my breath or tied my finger up (to limit blood ...
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Post oximetry PLETH waveform and ABP waveform similarities

As a beginner in medical sciences I found a fact that was seemingly interesting to me. When I was doing some simulations with patient monitors and advanced cardiac life support cases, I found that the ...
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Australia: Pulse oximeter for overnight sleep study

I'm looking for a pulse oximeter that can record data overnight and display the results on a Mac laptop or Android app. This video describes what I'm after: Oximiter for Blood oxygen testing: Sleep ...
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Do US hospitals use pulse oximeter with sensor (not electronics) directly on wrist, base of the finger (ring), or on the chest?

I am trying to figure out why most hospital it still seems to predominantly use fingertip sensor (LED+photodiode) based oximeter for SpO2. I tried searching for example of FDA 510(k) cleared oximeter ...
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Where are good abdominal places for measuring SO2 and heart rate via reflective pulse oximeter?

I'm trying to develop a belt (wearable device) from which I could measure belly stretch (exhalation, inhalation), heart pulse frequency and blood oxygen saturation data via optical EKG (reflective ...
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