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Is there a nonchronic disease with similar effects to lungs like those of emphysema? [closed]

Can damage to the alveolar walls or reduction in the surface for gaseous exchange be reversible or can a non chronic disease cause these? If yes can you please name a condition in which these things ...
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Why do obstructive lung diseases increase total lung capacity and residual volume?

The explanation I can find is that they restrict exhalation due to constricted airways. However, consequentially inspiration should be restricted too, right?
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What could cause the loss of dyspnea sensation in this historical account of drowning?

I'll start by invoking a century-old account of drowning from dr James Lowson. Many stories of people rescued from drowning follow a similar pattern. After what appeared to be ten or fifteen seconds, ...
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What is "recognized clinically"? Is there any special meaning in the word "clinically" here?

Quote: Many patients with alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency (AATD) experience long delays between their first symptom and initial diagnosis of AATD and require many encounters with healthcare providers ...
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if diameter of alveoli is reduced to half, resistance becomes? [closed]

this is an MCQ for my upcoming exam. I have searched the internet but found mixed answers so far.
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How is nitrogen not exchanged in respiration? [closed]

Air is 78% of nitrogen. When we inhale air, we inhale large amounts of nitrogen when compared to oxygen. How is nitrogen not exchanged? How is it exhaled?
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Can neuromuscular electrical stimulation be used as a low-cost alternative to mechanical breathing

It is speculated that because of COVID-19 pandemic there may be shortage of intensive care equipment (mechanical breathers) causing deaths. Though IDK what is so costly in these mechanical breathers ...
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Simulate hypoxic training by breath holding/regulation

Is it possible to physically simulate hypoxic training by doing periodic breath holds or breath regulation during aerobic activity? Ideally, it ought to be done in a hypobaric/hypoxic chamber whilst ...
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Why is predicted FVC calculated on height only (and not weight)?

(please forgive me if this is a stupid question, as I have very little medical knowledge) I've been found to have an unusally low vital capacity (about 65% of the predicted value) so I'm up for a ...
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Strengthening / recovering lungs? What is the science behind this?

Some interesting smoking questions have led me to ask this. I am myself a recovering tobacco addict - I stopped a few months ago. Though my health has improved vastly, I still can easily get wheezing /...
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Does carbon monoxide poisoning make you tired before it kills you?

Does carbon monoxide poisoning make you tired and sleepy before it knocks you out and kills you, or does it immediately kill you? Can you notice its effects and be aware of them?
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What effects does an oxygen saturation between 90% and 94% have on the body?

Many different sources note that normal oxygen saturation for healthy people is 95% or higher. Oxygen saturation below 90% or other sources 88%, is considered low. What possible symptoms or impact ...
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Can the tar in our lungs from cigarettes be removed from our body after stopping smoking? [closed]

I have been smoking a lot of cigarettes these days and am concerned about my lungs. Can/will the tar in my lungs from cigarettes ever be removed?
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Pulmonary diseases and oxygen therapy

The team first aid guidelines in France say that for an adult victim, a saturation (SpO2) below 94 triggers the administration of 9L/min of oxygen using a non-rebreather mask. We first aid guys are ...
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Effect of cigarettes on passive smokers

I have heard even passive smokers are subjected to many health issues even though they don't smoke directly. What are the issues related to health that can occur in the passive smokers, and does it ...
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How to reduce apnea/hypoapnea events?

When using a machine (such as CPAP, APAP, BiPAP) to help control sleep apnea, is there anything that can be done to help lower your AHI (apnea-hypoapnea index; the number of sleep apnea events per ...
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