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How well is the brain protected from physical hits ? Can small hits or blows cause brain damage?

Small punches like Diaz does to himself here : I am just curious about how hard must a punch be to cause even light brain damage or IQ loss.
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Why do some vaccines have only a short protection span?

Why does the rabies vaccine have only a limited longevity of around 2 years (source:, while the hepatitis b vaccine has a longevity of more than 25 years (source: CDC)? In addition, if ...
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Is repirator easier to breathe through than conventional medical mask?

Currently I'm using conventional blue mask. But there are masks with exhale valve (there are mostly FFP2 ones and they're cheaper, I'm considering to buy one, for COVID protection). I didn't try such ...
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Does a KN95 that says 'non medical' helps to protect against COVID-19?

I saw this type of face masks on a 'building tools' store (like home depot), and on the label said, among other things in chinese and english, non medical. In this KN95 Masks Explained mentions ...
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Is it helpful for the average citizen (non medical professionals) to wear gloves and disinfect them instead of disinfecting the bare hands?

In the last months I have seen lots of articles about wearing masks and gloves to prevent the infecting yourself or others. In the case of the masks this is quite clear that we should wear them, but ...
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Alternatives other than face-mask-respirators for protection against COVID-19 [closed]

Could someone please tell me if these alternatives can also protect one against being infected by COVID-19 virus, when being outside (in grocery stores, markets, etc)? If yes, how much of protection ...
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Why don't we use complete white medical suits to have full protection instead of only masks?

If Covid-19 can float in the air over particles and be there for up to 3 hours (1:50 minute), and if the virus could get into your system through eyes, nose or mouth (See Spread from contact with ...
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How does a sanding mask compare with a disposable medical mask?

[Moderator Edit: I'm reopening this question by request from third parties because medical staff around the world are being forced to use masks such as these.] How does a sanding mask compare with a ...
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Birth Control Pills. Abnormal Bleeding

Is it normal to still have breakthrough bleeding in between periods if you have been on birth control for over a year?
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How good are snow goggles for UV protection?

Snow goggles are sometimes used to protect against photokeratitis (a.k.a. snow blindness). How good are snow goggles for UV protection? E.g., do they block 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays, ...
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