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What are potentially carcinogenic prostatic secretions

In the answer by @Jan to the question What is "stagnation in the prostate"? it is pointed out via Rider, et al. (2016) what is sometimes referred to as the prostate stagnation hypothesis. ...
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Why can chronic prostatitis not be cured simply with antibiotics?

Acute bacterial prostatitis can be cured with antibiotics while chronic prostatitis cannot be cured by antibiotics. Why is this the case?
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2 answers

Is prostatitis a STD or Contagious disease? [closed]

As prostatitis is a disease in male's prostate gland, does it mean this is a sexually transmitted disease?
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1 answer

Is there any cure for congestive prostatitis?

The "Congestive Prostatitis" is described as a condition in which there is excessive fluid accumulated in the prostate gland. Is there any cure apart from ejaculation? Can the condition be improved/...
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Is it true that cold climate will make the conditions of prostatitis worse? [closed]

I find my symptoms such as frequent urination will become worse in cold days
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Natural treatment of chronic prostatitis - Does herbal medicines have side affects?‏

I have had prostatitis for several years. Since almost all antibiotics were not helpful to me due to drug resistance, I am trying to find some natural treatment of chronic prostatitis, so I Googled ...
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Testing pH levels through urine or saliva

I am attempting to discover the role of pH in contributing to my mysteriously fluctuating chronic symptoms, including small and large intestine problems (apparent Candida, SIBO, etc.), male ...