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Would facemasks reduce virus transmisions in vulnerable populations?

The US surgeon general has asked (tweeted) the public to not buy face masks, because the claim is that healthcare workers need them more. CDC does recommend: Facemasks should be used by people ...
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Herpes: would prophylaxis H202 3% or alchol 70% decrease risk of infection from exposure?

If someone was to kiss someone else with herpes, would approximately 3% H2O2 or 70% alcohol offer a proven risk reduction immediately after an exposure (within the hour for instance)? I'm looking for ...
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Statistics of HDN on groups without risk factors

To prevent hemorrhagic disease of the newborn (HDN) it seems to be standard that newborns get a neonatal vitamin K prophylaxis (oral or parenteral). I know that statistically about 1 of 30000 (...
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