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Questions that pertain to the action of stopping something from happening or arising. Individual questions should be judged as to whether the scope of the scenario encompasses a reasonable range of "prevention".

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Why is a (simple) mask not recommended for asymptomatic COVID-19 patients?

Information about (simple) mask wearing (concerning covid19) is a complete mystery to me. On several official places it is not recommended for a person without symptoms to wear a mask. For example: ...
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Surgical masks - do they prevent the spread of disease?

Now and then you see something like this when looking at pictures from Japan: There are supposedly many reasons for this, but one is, quoting a summary from Wikipedia: Surgical masks are popularly ...
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Disinfecting laundry — that of a likely COVID patient, or of any other possibly-infectious individual

Clothing can probably spread fungal infections (e.g. athlete's foot) from person to person. There's not a lot of evidence that clothing can spread bacterial infections. But Bloomfield et al. quote ...
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Heart Attack Risk Score calculation

Someone recently mentionned to me a score to calculate my risk of having a heart attack in the next years. Unfortunately he was not able to tell me where I could access this tool (or is this just ...
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Preventing diabetes mellitus

I am 16 year old boy. My father as well as my relatives have diabetes mellitus. If i start going to gym, get into some body building and maintain a healthy lifestyle from now on, can i prevent it?
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Optimal length of music break to reduce long term risks of noise-induced hearing loss?

I use noise isolating in ear headphones while working. I am considering instituting "music breaks" to reduce risks related to hearing loss. A 10-20 minute review of websites haven't really given me ...
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Are (transparent) face shields without masks/respirators reasonably effective at preventing respiratory illness transmission?

You can see "splash guards" used by (almost) everyone in this video of a German tracing center, but (almost) nobody wears masks there. (Well, one spokesperson did wear mask and no shield.) So are ...
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