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Is there a name for an irrational fear of food additives, food colouring, preservatives, etc?

I am looking for the official name for people who worry constantly about what is in their food. Consequently, who constantly change their diet because of perceived possible future health issues. The ...
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Does regular intake of (packaged) butter increase the risk of cancer?

I've heard some rumours from my peers that eating packaged butter on a daily basis could increase the risk of cancer. This goes from the presumption that packaged dairy products contain a certain ...
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Are massage creams containing paraben bad for health?

Are massage creams containing paraben bad for health? For example, I see that the free-up massage cream contains methylparaben: should I use a paraben-free massage cream instead of it? I read on ...
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Is chicken treated with sodium triphosphate classified as processed meat?

I've recently seen the data that suggests processed meat is carcinogenic, but I don't know if what I'm buying is the same thing:
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What does sodium content on food items indicate?

Generally I find that packed food items that would probably be laced with heavy doses of preservatives contain high amount of sodium (as high as 45% DV, I saw this on one item in Walmart). Is higher ...
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Do preservatives spoil?

I once heard that a problem with common food preservatives in the US is that they tend to spoil once exposed to oxygen and left at room temperature, leading to the instruction "refrigerate after ...
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