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Is Morton's toe curable without surgery?

Is it possible to cure Morton's toe without any surgery? Does any exercise/footwear useful in treating Morton's toe?
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With orthotics, is there any objective way to know if your feet are being held in the right position?

I've had flat feet for years, but unfortunately, my parents didn't really know that this was an issue until it was pretty much too late to correct it. Now, as an adult, I've been trying to get back ...
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For fallen arches - supportive or flat shoes

Some podiatrists recommend well cushioned shoes with lots of support for people with fallen arches. However, some say that you should wear flat, firm shoes with no support so the foot muscles get ...
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Piece of leftover toenail on big toe, too small to remove

This is my left big toe. When a nail is too long, usually one clips them. Two days ago, I was working on my computer, and instead of clipping it, I was picking at it. Eventually, the part of nail one ...
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Intoeing in older children

All of the information I have found online concerning intoeing (pigeon footedness) only concerns intoeing in younger children. I have a friend who has a 9-year-old child who is displaying increasing ...
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Why is the exterior part of my left foot Toe is ALWAYS in pain [closed]

i've always experienced a little pain in this area : but lately it became REALLY painful specially after wearing shoes for few hours, and the slightest hit on it really causes a lot pf pain. notes: ...
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Orthotic inserts + athletes foot

With athletes foot, it's important to keep the feet dry. However, when wearing sandals, I can't use the "super feet" orthotic inserts that keep my feet from developing pain issues when I walk. I ...
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