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What is the normal range of platelet count and does this differ with age and sex?

I am trying to study the normal range of platelet counts and there are various sources out there on the internet on this topic. The article What do high or low platelet count levels mean? suggests ...
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Possible reason/s for increases in neutrophil, platelet, and WBC levels at the same time?

I took a routine blood test today, and my results came back with three abnormal results that the laboratory flagged. My WBC, platelet count, and neutrophil levels were all elevated: WBC: 11.8 ...
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Are elevated platelet levels (yet, still anemic) a symptom of endometriosis? Connection?

for about two years now, my platelet levels have been consistently elevated; not off the charts or anything to be overly alarming, but consistently coming in at about 500. And oddly enough, I'm ...
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Thrombotic events and antiphospholipid syndrome

If my understanding is correct, patients with antiphospholipid syndrome are at increased risk for thrombotic events 1 but in the same time, it is possible for these patients to have a thrombocytopenia ...
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What is the significance of white blood cells count to platelets count ratio?

This is actually something I stumbled upon while conducting a statistical analysis. I have WBC and Platelets counts of over 3000 people with varying age and gender. I was thinking about doing a ...
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Decisions about anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation: how to factor in thrombocytopenia?

The benefit of anticoagulation for prevention of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation has been well established. However, the benefit is always to be weighed against the risk, in this case, ...
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How to treat a pregnant woman with a very low platelet count in her 9th month of pregnancy?

My sister-in-law is going through her 9th month of pregnancy. Since almost 3 months she is having low platelet count and the cause is still unknown. She is in constant constant care in the labor room....
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