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Why can't simple blood transfusions be used for treatment of COVID-19, instead of plasma transfusions? [closed]

It has been recently been shown that convalescent plasma from previously infected patients can be used to help others gain immunity against the disease. But why do we need to use plasma for this ...
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How to calculate my "approximate" mortality rate while in ICU?

To make a long story as short as possible for context, I was rushed to the ER while in cardiac arrest back in 2014. Heart stopped beating momentarily and lost oxygen to the part of my brain. None of ...
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Why can't we give blood within 8 days after taking an anti-inflammatory?

I'm used to regularly giving my blood and other blood components (plasma and platelets), but I was surprised the other day to see that one should not proceed to the donation if they consumed anti-...
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Should plasma and platelet donors be concerned about exposure to plasticizer compounds?

Once removed from the body, blood products have prolonged contact time with a large surface area of plastic: probably close to 2 metres of tubing, butterfly needle + attachment centrifuge bowl (...
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