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Is there any reason why free sugar consumption should be limited to low amounts?

The terminology free sugars is possibly related to mono and dissacharides. It is not clear to me if it means precisely just refined sugars or both, refined and not refined. There is a WHO study ...
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What is the correct or preferred nomenclatural vernacular for physical examinations?

I was using a running log app and came across terminology commonly used to describe a "physical" — as in a type of medical provider visit that is scheduled once a year and typically requires ...
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How does the placebo affect physical illnesses?

As a physicist, I was surprised by coming to realization that placebo can actually affect physical illnesses. I searched on the internet, but explanations for mechanism of placebo were either unclear (...
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What are the risks of prolonged nicotine gum use?

Looking to get an idea of the physical risks/effects, though mental effects would be good to know as well. Main purpose in asking is to persuade someone with some medical knowledge to quite nicotine ...
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health condition and chronic health conditions

Are the two sentences in bold contradictory? (Specially caused health conditions should include chronic and acute conditions.) Approximately 10 % –15 % of U.S. (between 10 and 20 million) children ...
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What's the best sleeping posture for humans?

We all sleep in different ways. Some on side,some on back,some on their front sides. But which sleeping form would be the most efficient, providing maximum rest to the body and brain? There is loads ...
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Can performing "Yogasanas" regularly, help increase a person's existing height?

"Yogasanas" have some astonishing health benefits, but can it help in making a person taller? I've searched and found that some "Aasanas" do actually help besides performing "Suryanamaskar" (Sun ...
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Short duration of Cryotherapy

What is the effect of short-duration application of cold therapeutic modalities on metabolic rate? Does it increase or decrease the metabolic rate?
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Does image on photo (for link under) look like larvae/cysts, or adult helminths (other parasites)?

Here it's link to the photo For 2 months, frequent constipation, abdominal pain, itching in the anus, nausea and weakness. In the feces, I repeatedly find white or ...
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What determines flexibility?

I'm sorry if this doesn't qualify as a question for this stack. I thought about putting it on "Physical Fitness" but don't think it fits there and is better of here. Please move it not ...
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Is it possible to induce macroglossia (large tongue) as a result of tongue traction or pulling out?

I know that the human tongue is a muscle, and can't be normally pulled to enlarge it. But these two articles:
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How to ensure that sex with a new partner will be safe for health?

I want to be as certain as possible that sex with a new partner will not do any harm to my health. I know the common notion about "safe sex", but it seems oversimplified and generally primitive tools ...
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