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What is the principle behind PCR/NAAT test, in the context of HIV, especially compared to antigen/antibody test?

So here's my limited understanding of how viral infections work. Some virus enters the body and causes an infection. The virus then begins to replicate itself. It takes some time for there to be ...
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False positives of PCR test on symptomatic individuals

On this website, I see that less than 2% of people who don’t have Covid-19 test positive with a PCR test. What happens to this percentage when we only consider symptomatic people? So my question is: ...
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Who's RNA does the rRT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 target?

The official guide for laboratory testing for coronavirus disease in suspected human cases by the WHO explains the procedure for testing a sample. On page two it states that the test is based on ...
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