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Questions tagged [paresthesia]

Paresthesia refers to a burning or prickling sensation that is usually felt in the hands, arms, legs, or feet, but can also occur in other parts of the body. The sensation, which happens without warning, is usually painless and described as tingling or numbness, skin crawling, or itching.

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How does hyperventilation cause paresthesia and tetany?

As per this previous answer to "Why do I feel small stings all over my body in stress?", hyperventilation is known to cause tingling, numbness, or muscle spasms in your hands, feet, and ...
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Why do I feel small stings all over my body in stress?

I've realized I'm expierencing stress (or rather embarassment) quite differently than I used to. Like a year ago (I was 16) I expierenced stress just as a short warming up of my shoulders. For the ...
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My leg sometimes feels non-existent after I wake up

I do not have any serious medical condition that I know of. Sometimes when I wake up, my left leg feels as if it doesn't exist, or is made out of jelly, when I wake up. It has resulted in some pretty ...
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