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Unsaturated fat and inflammation

I am confused that while researching about unsaturated fat, some sources say it is anti-inflammatory, while some sources say it is associated with inflammation. Does it still have mixed results or am ...
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How many calories can the average human absorb in one day?

While researching the maximum amount of weight a person can safely lose per week, I came across an interesting factoid that basically stated that the maximum fat reserves that can be processed per day ...
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Why is trypsin inhibitor present if trypsin is already secreted in form of trypsinogen?

I was reading pancreatic digestive enzymes from a Textbook of Medical Physiology and I came across Trypsin Inhibitor, it stated that It is important that the proteolytic enzymes of the pancreatic ...
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pancreas lifetime and diabetes

Reading an old HE topic about diabetes, I point out the words "pancreatic exhaustion". Does it mean the organ pancreas has a lifetime? In other words, pancreas is able to produce insulin just for a ...
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are fresh squeezed juices bad for the pancreas?

I often juice at home (using a slow juicer) carrots and sometimes I add apples, some red cabbage, a small beet, on occasion oranges with ginger. But my mom keeps telling me that juices are bad for ...
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Aphthous ulcer in pancreatic cancer

My father is 70 years old and is almost seven months struggling with Pancreatic Cancer stage IV.Recently there are a dozens of aphthous ulcer in his mouth and he can't eat anything for a week. Have ...
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Is one more susceptible to chronic pancreatitis if one's pancreas hemorrhaged during a single inexplicable acute pancreatitis event? [closed]

Is one more susceptible to chronic pancreatitis if one's pancreas hemorrhaged during a single inexplicable acute pancreatitis event? About 9 years ago, I suffered from acute pancreatitis, and somehow ...
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Correlation between gallbladder disease and pancreatitis

Currently studying basic diagnostic procedure and the topic of pancreatitis comes in. The scenario is that the patient has come in with severe nausea and vomiting. It's already been confirmed via ...
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Pancreatitis and consumption of alcohol

If a person had an attack of pancreatitis in the past but is now in good health, is it advisable for him to consume alcoholic beverages? If yes, is there a limit to the amount that is safe?
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