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Is it possible to survive too high CO2 by also having too high O2 concentration?

Hypothetically, if a person is breathing an atmosphere for a long period of time, that has too much carbon dioxide in it, enough that would normally cause lethally low blood oxygen levels, but the ...
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Why do hypotensive patients receive oxygen therapy?

I read that the American College of Chest Physicians recommended the use of oxygen therapy in several occasions one of which was hypotension if systolic blood pressure was less than 100 mm Hg. I'm ...
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Do medical/surgical masks [consistently] reduce O2 levels in some settings?

In the circles that decry mask "totalitarianism" and its dangers, much has been made about a 2008 Turkish study of Beder et al.: Repeated measures, longitudinal and prospective ...
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What is a normal lower limit for blood oxygen (sp02)?

I've noticed that my blood oxygen is nearly always in the 95-98 range whereas my wife is 98-99. I'm healthy with no known conditions whereas she has asthma. What is the normal range for healthy humans ...
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Contraindications for administrating oxygen

As the title says, what are contraindications of providing a patient oxygen in the emergency system outside of hospitals?
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Is a hyperventilation+hypoventilation breathing exercise (Wim Hof Method) more likely to prevent or promote cancer?

Apart from exposure to cold, the core element of the Wim Hof Method is a breathing technique, which alternates between hyperventilation and hypoventilation (apparently similar to Tummo meditation). It ...
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Circumvent death by hypothermia

What I've read seems to indicate that hypothermia leads to death by stopping the heart, which means your cells slowly die from oxygen deprivation. Is that accurate? Suppose you mechanically pumped a ...
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Why is 88% SpO2 considered a critical level?

If I understand correctly, arterial blood is usually saturated to ~95% with oxygen, the oxygen being transported in combination with haemoglobin in a ratio of 4:1. Venous blood is saturated at around ...
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Maximizing breathing: one long breath or two short breaths?

As a general rule for physical exertion, continuous, rhythmic, and controlled breathing is essential. This includes short "sprint" type bursts of activity as well as long "endurance&...
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Carbon Dioxide Poisoning in Everyday Situations

I am wondering whether slight CO2 poisoning (hypercapnia) can be induced by everyday bad behaviour. I am particularly interested in the consequences of The prolonged use of a surgical mask (a.k.a. ...
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What is proper capacity of adult non-rebreather masks?

I've looked at a few different brands of non-rebreather "adult" masks and all of them have reservoirs of about 1L. Even connected to 100% oxygen There is no way that's going to give an average adult ...
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Does carbon monoxide poisoning make you tired before it kills you?

Does carbon monoxide poisoning make you tired and sleepy before it knocks you out and kills you, or does it immediately kill you? Can you notice its effects and be aware of them?
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Do you suggest HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) for Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis?

I've been searching about HBOT treatment for a while. I found many sources & researches but couldn't be sure %100. It is a real solution or it can replace with medicines? For example: http://www....
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What effects does an oxygen saturation between 90% and 94% have on the body?

Many different sources note that normal oxygen saturation for healthy people is 95% or higher. Oxygen saturation below 90% or other sources 88%, is considered low. What possible symptoms or impact ...
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40 y/o woman admitted with ARDS but normal values

Second year medical student asking: A 40 year old woman is admitted to the ICU with acute respiratory distress syndrome due to a life threatening case of pneumonia. Her respiratory values are as ...
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What is the ideal oxygen air percentage for longterm health?

I'm working on a science-fiction story, and a recent scene deals with someone tampering with the O2 levels of a ship's recycled atmosphere. I find myself wondering, what is the ideal oxygen level for ...
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Nasal congestion on wakeup in healthy individuals vs. vasomotor rhinitis sufferers

How common is it for healthy individuals to wake up with one nostril congested to the point where there is no airflow through that nostril, and respiration takes place solely through the other nostril?...
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Pulmonary diseases and oxygen therapy

The team first aid guidelines in France say that for an adult victim, a saturation (SpO2) below 94 triggers the administration of 9L/min of oxygen using a non-rebreather mask. We first aid guys are ...
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Oxygen saturation value of smokers

A person's O2 saturation, when measured in ambiant air at sea level with a pulse oxymeter (SpO2), is considered as normal between 95 and 100%. I've read (non-sourced Wikipedia FR fragment, no ...
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What is iron's role in oxygenation in the human body?

I hear about runners who need to put more iron in their diet, but then also about toddlers overdosing. I'm wondering what purpose iron serves in carrying oxygen through the body.
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