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Questions regarding the study of diseases of the ear and throat.

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What's the relationship between thyrohyoid membrane and medial thyrohyoid ligament? Are they distinct structures or are fused together?

I'm studying the anatomy of the larynx and I can't understand If larynx ligaments such as medial or lateral thyrohyoid ligaments are fused with the membrane or not.
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Tuning fork examination - Bing's test

In Russian medical segment the concept of Bing's test is formulated in such manner ("Otolaryngology: A Manual in Two Volumes", ISBN: 978-5-388-00664-6): There are two pathways in conduction ...
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Why isn't hoarseness (dysphonia) associated with throat pain?

Why isn't hoarseness (dysphonia) associated with throat pain? If someone overused their vocal cords, then there is some kind of inflammation (laryngitis) going on. Common pharyngitis is generally very ...
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Why Pseudomonas aeruginosa commonly affects the external ear?

Let's say I get an ear piercing over the cartilaginous area of pinna. Now due to traumatic perforation and inoculation, there will be perichondritis. According to my logic it should be Staph aureus or ...
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Do doctors recommend that ears should be checked annually?

That's what it says in 3:39 here. Personally, I think it looks kinda fun compared to dentist, but I've never heard of this before. I just know that dentist is every 6 months (or 2x a year or whatever),...
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How can I trust my doctor and what he said [closed]

I have been coughing for around 3 months now, with a feel of air flow on my throat. I went to my family doctor, who said it was reflux from my stomach that went out to my throat and made like red ...
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Name of septoplasty technique without nose tubes?

I have a small blog and want to motivate its readers to go and see a doctor if they have constant trouble in the nose. In April 2017 i had a septoplasty and am very happy with the results :D I have ...
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Which deteriorates hearing faster; treble or bass?

I heard that over use, the ear drums become less effective, but my hearing is bad. To reduce further damage, should I turn down the treble or bass?
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How to scratch an itchy throat [closed]

My throat is seriously itching me and it seems totally impossible to scratch it. Is there any home-remedy i can use to scratch it, I'm just hoping that it isn't some kind of disease or anything ...
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What is the substance that not all human are able to smell?

Some time ago I heard about the existence of a substance that some human are not able to smell. This means if they try to smell it, they don't "feel" any scent... like smelling pure water or pure air. ...
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What is an appropriate Neti Pot solution, and how does one adjust it for best results?

Many people use neti pots for sinus irrigation. Using them can reportedly help with infections, allergies, headaches, congestion, and other sinus-related issues. Small packets of chemical mixtures ...
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Can sinus infections cause skin problems?

I have been suffering from nasal septum deviation and I find it difficult to breathe. I've planned a surgery to treat it. I've started developing acne problems on my skin and was wondering if it could ...
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Why do people snore?

I am 33 years old, and I have been told by my parents and my wife that I snore. My question is - what is the reason for snoring? Is it a symptom of bad health?
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Is regular nightly usage of earplugs healthy?

Should one avoid daily usage of earplugs? SteadyHealth writes: Regardless, wearing these earplugs in the long run may prove to have certain health risks as well. The long-term earplugs may lead to ...
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Why are antibiotics and ear tubes the primary treatment for chronic ear infections rather than improving normal drainage through the Eustachian tube? [closed]

Ear infections are not contagious, and most resolve without antibiotics. There are risks inherent with excessive antibiotic use as well as many allergies and negative side effects. Ear tubes require ...
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Is long-term use of ear plugs harmful?

I wear ear plugs while sleeping every night. Is such long-term use of ear plugs harmful in any way? I have been doing so the past 5 years without any noticeable problems or effects.
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Is there an accepted way to remove a tonsilloliths at home?

Are there any safe, medically accepted ways to remove tonsilloliths (tonsil stones) from your mouth at home? Should I instead go to a doctor to get it removed?
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Perforated Eardrum Issue

A few weeks ago while I was swimming, a wave crashed into my left ear and it felt like there was water in my ear. Later, that day while I was cleaning my nose, I realized air goes out. It can hear as ...
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Can "Waterproof Swim Cap" be good for people with ear infections?

OK, I have an ear infection. The doctor says that I should not allow any water to go into my ears. However, I want to swim, but I don't want any water (even a tiny drop of water) go into my ears. So, ...
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How do tubes help treat ear infections?

My young son keeps getting ear infections. The otolaryngologist want to perform surgery to put tubes in his ear drums. How does putting a tube in the ear drum help with the ear infections?
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