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Does peak bone density have any other role in preventing osteoporosis?

From reading articles such as this I understand that over time, building your muscles to reach your peak bone density means that you may have sufficient peak bone density to cope with age-related bone ...
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Is a drug holiday off bisphosphonate therapy a valid strategy in the management of osteoporosis?

The most commonly prescribed treatment for osteoporosis is bisphosphonate therapy eg. Alendronate and Zolendronic Acid (by infusion). It's a common practice to stop therapy after 5 years, and then ...
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Effect of acidic fruits on bone calcium

I remember nutritionist explained me that taking kefir does not make much sense for calcium since its lactose is converted into the acid and that acid washes out as much calcium as milk gives you. I ...
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What happens if a regular person is given osteoporosis medication (Bisphosphonates)?

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weak and brittle, and lose mass/strength. So medication for osteoporosis increases bone mass and makes them stronger. My question is: what happens ...
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What type of exercises should a person do if he/she is suffering from osteoporosis?

Is there a possibility that somebody could tell me specifically an exercise plan or a source where I can get authentic information on exercises for senior people suffering from diseases related to ...
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