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Is it possible to reach an orgasm without physical stimulation (masturbation)?

Can females or males achieve an orgasm without physical stimulation (masturbation) of the sexual or reproduction organs (vagina, penis, breast)? Males have nocturnal emissions that work without ...
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Is Porn-Creep a medical condition? Addiction to pornography (for men) correlate to erectile dysfunction?

Is Porn-Creep a medical condition? We all know that pornography can be highly addictive and can in many circumstances ruin relationships. Does it correlate to erectile dysfunction for men and/or an ...
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Is inducing a retrograde ejaculation harmful?

By applying pressure on the perineum just before ejaculation, a man can induce retrograde ejaculation in which the semen is redirected to the bladder. This is obviously different from unintentional ...
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Why does high blood pressure cause tinnitus?

There are multiple reports on the internet where people state that they got tinnitus from high blood pressure. Usually it is related to exertion or having an orgasm. Just wondering if anyone has t ...
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Does the usage of PC muscle to achieve multiple orgasm in males cancels or transfers the ejacuation to the bludder?

There is a concept about dry/multiple male orgasm. Most common idea is what by practicing clenching of ones pubococcygeus (PC) muscle just before a point when the process of ejacuation begins, a male ...
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Is injaculation different than retrograde ejaculation?

I have been reading lately about injaculation as a mean of preventing the ejaculation during an orgasm, by applying pressure on a particular spot of the urethra in order to stop the semen. This seems ...
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