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Why does a bone marrow transplant recipient need to match their donor if their own immune system is going to be entirely replaced?

I am new here at Medical Science SE (first ever question!) and perhaps I sound like an idiot, but... Why (or how) would a bone marrow transplant recipient's native immune system attack the new bone ...
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What is the mechanism of immune privilege that prevents immunological damage in some organs?

I was reading about immune privilege in a paper called Immune Privilege of Heart Valves by Hill et al. Immune privilege is summarised as follows: Immune privilege is an evolutionary adaptation that ...
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What advances have been made in liver transplants in the past 30 years?

Imagine someone needing a liver transplant 30 years ago versus today. What advances have been made to make the procedure safer now? My research I know that the constant in all organ transplants has ...
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Do kidney donors eventually undergo glomerular hypertrophy in their kidneys?

Quoting a line from Robbins and Cotran Pathology, "Renal ablation FSGS, a secondary form of FSGS occurs as a complication of glomerular and non glomerular diseases...striking examples include ...
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Is black spotting on the lungs a common benign variance, or a sign of pathology?

I recently found this article which shows an externally-healed lung donation before transplant. The left image is supposedly the lung pre-treatment, and right is post. In both of these images, black ...
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Could a living donor donate their liver multiple times in their lifetime?

While meditating about becoming a living organ donor, I was quite surprised to come across the following: Within eight weeks, both the donor's and the recipient's livers will be almost completely ...
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Transplant in combination with stem cell transplant

I was wondering, if you transplant a kidney from person A to person B and combine it with a stem cell transplant, would you then need no/less immunosuppressive drugs? Since you would have an antibody ...
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Why are anti-rejection drugs necessary in organ transplant? [closed]

A key step of the organ transplant process is matching, where blood type, leukocyte antigens, crossmatch antibodies, etc. are checked to ensure compatibility. If these tests pass, and the organ is ...
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Is there a point of being an Organ Donor if my blood type is AB Negative?

What is the point of anyone being an organ donor if their blood type is AB Negative? What are the chances someone is going to need your organs at that specific time frame after you die? Or am I ...
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Can tacrolimus creme cause tacrolimus toxicity?

Tacrolimus is a medication given to patients who underwent organ transplantation. Increased serum level of tacrolimus may cause overdose symptoms. Apparently the normal tacrolimus serum level is ...
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What’s keeping us from growing organs from stem cells?

If we know how to cause embryonic stem cells to differentiate into different tissue types, and we know how embryonic development turns those tissues into organs, why can’t we yet grow entire human ...
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What is the longest kidney-exchange cycle yet?

What is the longest kidney-exchange cycle yet? I.e. the longest cycle of simultaneous surgeries "donor1-recipient2-donor2-recipient3 ... donorXX-recipient1" I am preparing a lecture on the Roth-...
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Why can’t we just transplant donor organs into pigs to preserve them?

I’m a newbie and utterly unfamiliar with biomedicine, but I’ve been reading a few scientific articles recently and a question has been nagging me ever since. So apparently preserving donor organs ...
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Effects of Garlic on Tacrolimus via CYP3A4

Garlic is said to be an inducer of CYP3A4, Tacrolimus is metabolized by CYP3A4. The list of drugs (and some foods) interacting with Tacrolimus is long but nowhere I found a note on garlic. Grapefruit ...
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Is it technically possible to replace aging body part and live forever? [closed]

I heard that iPS cells can be used to make some human organs (Takebe, et al. 2013). If we make young organs using regenerative medical techniques and replace aging organs with them, can we live ...
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What could cause a stroke soon after a lung transplant? Is it even known?

Recently a youtuber died of a thrombotic stroke a week after a lung transplant operation. Skimming over abstracts on Pubmed, it appears that strokes and more generally thrombosis is a frequent ...
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