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What is meant by "declaration of brain stem death is made mandatory for every hospital"?

I am an activist working for organ donation popularization in India, a country with a dismally low rate (0.5 per million). Apart from working for deceased donation, I had also offered my own organs as ...
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What should people do with their bodies if they fall into a vegetative state if optimizing for being useful to the scientific community?

One of the comments on this law.SE question states that it's probable that researchers aren't interested in comatose bodies. I've seen a few neuroscience papers on determining degree of coma, but ...
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Could a living donor donate their liver multiple times in their lifetime?

While meditating about becoming a living organ donor, I was quite surprised to come across the following: Within eight weeks, both the donor's and the recipient's livers will be almost completely ...
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Why are anti-rejection drugs necessary in organ transplant? [closed]

A key step of the organ transplant process is matching, where blood type, leukocyte antigens, crossmatch antibodies, etc. are checked to ensure compatibility. If these tests pass, and the organ is ...
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What’s keeping us from growing organs from stem cells?

If we know how to cause embryonic stem cells to differentiate into different tissue types, and we know how embryonic development turns those tissues into organs, why can’t we yet grow entire human ...
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Does an organ of a male donor work on a female patient?

Each cell of a human body contains 46 chromosomes. If so then each cell of a kidney should have a pair of sex chromosomes. How is it possible that a kidney of a female donor will work on male kidney ...
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Will donating bone marrow weaken a person's health?

When a person donates bone marrow, does it weaken the body, affect health and/or shorten life span? Does it adversely weaken the body permanently? What are some risks to bear in mind before one agrees ...
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How many calories does it burn to regrow a liver?

The liver is rather unique in being able to regrow after partial donation. More interestingly, growing organs in general uses loads of energy, and while I'm not exactly advocating for advertising ...
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Is Adderall safe for someone who donated a kidney?

I donated my kidney many years ago to some random two year old. It was major surgery, but it did get me a month paid vacation on short term disability and was a great way to lose weight (stupid ...
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What factors, beside blood-type, are considered a "good match" for organ transplants?

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match; find me a find; catch me a catch! I know there are probably a whole litany of factors that are considered to match organ donors with those needing organs so ...
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Importance of ethnicity for organ donor

I always wondered if the race had an influence on the chance of finding a matching organ donor. For example, do Asian people have a better chance of finding a matching organ from searching only in ...
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Can I donate a kidney later and recieve one now? [closed]

The kidney voucher allows one to donate a kidney now and get a kidney coupon which they give to a friend or family member, which they can redeem for a kidney later. Is the reverse possible? Can I ...
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Can a person with a heart transplant fly safely, or should they consider an alternative form of transportation?

Could a person who had received a heart transplant move to/travel to another country (for example: From France to the United States)? The caveat being that they would have to set up another team of ...
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What are the common causes of excess protein (1 g) in the urine for kidney donors?

I am looking for common causes in diet or lifestyle or other conditions such as hypertension, rather than malfunction in the active (single) kidney. Apart from medical management, what are some ...
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