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Can optic pits with blind spots be acquired (not congenital)?

The wikipedia page for optic pits says that they are congenital (ie, birth defects). They are sometimes accompanied by blind spots because there are fewer optic nerves than normal going to the retina. ...
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Which nerve inflammation can affect vision other than the optical nerve itself?

Which nerve inflammation can affect vision other than the optical nerve itself? Can a nerve inflammation affect vision?
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Why can not Myelin sheath be fully rebuilt?

I've joined a group on Facebook. It's about people that have optic neuritis. After recovery, The affected eye is back to its original state. There's always a very very small deficiency in the eyesight....
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What are the functions of these parts of the brain (MRI)?

This is an MRI images of my brain. There are three red arrows pointing at there parts of the brain. I would like to the functions of these three parts, Please? Are they control motion, speaking, ...
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Are color-blind and blind individuals able to dream in color?

I know that individuals who have color-blindness or complete blindness, are not able to see as vast an array of colors as most. I do understand that they can distinguish shading (dark vs. light), but ...
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Can electronic device help with glaucoma? [closed]

Retinal implants have been used in retinitis pigmentosa to restore some vision when the optic nerve is still intact, and experimental cortical implants when the optic nerve is damaged. Are these ...
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