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Is Omicron now confirmed less lethal than influenza?

Back in March, a study made in Japan comparing Omicron with influenza, when most of the Japanese population (about 90%) had only 2 vaccine doses, and no previous infection with Omicron, claimed ...
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How does Omicron rank among the most contagious diseases?

I have read claims that the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 is: the seventh most contagious disease (I don't remember the source) the second most contagious disease only after measles the most ...
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How well does COVID vaccination protect against brain damage from COVID?

I have read that even mild infections with the Corona virus causes significant brain damage in a large number of cases: Could mild COVID symptoms lead to brain damage? Therefore, it is natural to ask ...
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How accurate is this covid-19 article related to reinfection risk after recovering from omicron?

Sorry if this is wordy. I've tried to include the research I did, before asking. If anything is poorly worded, let me know, I'll try to fix it. This article, although sketchy, and slightly ...
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Are covid vaccinations and boosters still useful and if not, why are governments and agencies promoting them?

So regarding Omicron, the latest research shows that vaccines and convalescent immunity have no or negligible effect on Omicron, and that booster shots have very little neutralising activity. On the ...
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