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Is there any evidence for the idea that eating too many nuts makes you allergic?

I occasionally come across the idea that eating too many of a particular nut or other food substance will give you an allergy to it later. An example might be:
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Why are peanut allergies so much more severe than other food allergies?

Based on my understanding of how adaptive immune responses arise, I would expect peanut allergies to be roughly normally distributed with regard to severity, like other food allergies. However, peanut ...
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How fast and effective does an epi-pen work against a peanut allergy reaction?

Last night, I read a horror story about a baseball coach who assaulted his star player after training because she made his son look bad as the eternal number 2. He fed her peanuts while she had a nut ...
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Which nuts are best to snack on for a high-fibre diet?

I'm trying to maintain a high-fibre diet, and I understand that snacking on nuts regularly is a good way to do this. At the moment, I tend to snack on Brazil nuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, and ...
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