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How can cognitive decline be accurately measured in physicians?

The average age of physicians in the US is increasing, and there is ample evidence that cognitive impairment increases with age, as well as do adverse patient outcomes. It has been suggested that ...
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The effect of dietary protein on neurodegeneration

I have recently come across the following two studies: The first paper was performed on an Alzheimer's disease mouse model, and found that protein restriction cycles reduce IGF-1 and phosphorylated ...
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Reference request: Parkinson's disease book

I am about start a project on computational modelling of basal ganglia in the context of Parkinson's disease. My background is mostly on computational side (and some neuroscience too) and I know ...
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Affects of nicotine on the nerves

There are new methods for getting nicotine. For example, vaping. Some people are almost promoting nicotine as a health product that can reduce the risk of Parkison's disease and colitis. Some people ...
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How can I bypass the most expensive drug in the world which goes on sale and get cured? [closed]

I have an ALS-like disease called SMA type III. It's a progressive neurodegenerative disease and there was no cure until recently. I have been waiting for a cure for forty years. Thanks to ...
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