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Are afternoon naps healthy?

I live in a hostel and I observe that in weekends, some of my friends are very desperate for an outing or a day trip. But there are some exceptional ones who like to sleep after their lunch, and it ...
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2 answers

Does sleeping in daytime actually kill?

My dad takes naps at daytime frequently. He asked me recently if sleeping at daytime actually kill you, since he had been reading medical articles that claim that taking naps increases chance of ...
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4 votes
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Does sleeping produce heat and use up water in the body?

Several times, after an afternoon nap, I noticed that I was severely dehydrated and had a slight fever. Before the nap, I was feeling normal but tired. After the nap, the temperature went away and ...
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6 votes
3 answers

How to know if ( or when) I fall asleep?

Sometimes when I wake up from a nap, I don't even know whether I fell asleep in the first place. As a person who doesn't take naps as a habit, I need to take efficient naps when I'm tired and need ...
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