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Why are my nails not symmetric (shorter on left hand)?

Some time ago, I noticed that my nails on the left hand look "shorter" than those on the right hand: there seems to be more skin on the "lower" part of the finger nails on the left ...
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Is there a method to distinguish nail from skin, for example examination under a microscope?

Is it possible to distinguish parts of toenail from skin, for example under a microscope? Say I had a hypothesis that some toenail material had wound its way down the toe and spread out under the sole ...
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What are the effects of a totally removed eponychium?

The eponychium (Cuticle) serves as a protective barrier between the epidermis and the nail. If this were to be removed, what are the effects and possible remedies?
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Epidermolysis bullosa and getting nails done [closed]

I have Epidermolysis Bullosa, and I'm 20 years old. I have never (but always wanted to) had my nails done by a professional. Having E.B means I've lost a nail and 3 are only half there. Given this, I ...
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How to grow nails fast?

My mother had to have surgery in her figure and her nail is removed. Few month passed and her nail has not grown again. What should she do to regrow her nail faster? What food should she eat to ...
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Can processed cheese cause a thickening of toenails? [closed]

Can a thickening of ones toenails occur if toxic food, such as wrongly processed cheese, frequently is consumed? Foods that are overloaded with toxic food additives, in other words?
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White Fingernail?

Recently I have developed a purely white finger nail, my right middle to be exact. It's the only one that's white while the others are foggy clear like normal. My mom says it's calcium deficiency but ...
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Piece of leftover toenail on big toe, too small to remove

This is my left big toe. When a nail is too long, usually one clips them. Two days ago, I was working on my computer, and instead of clipping it, I was picking at it. Eventually, the part of nail one ...
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Subungual Hematoma

My son dropped the edge of barstool in a straight line down his big toe. (One in a 1000 shot) his toenail immediately collected blood under 90% of the nail. The pain went away after five days and the ...
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Is it normal for a bruise under a fingernail to move towards the end of the finger as the nail grows?

So in the middle of last month I accidentally jammed a running drill into my thumbnail. It hurt like a mother. It's left a bruise, which initially was touching the base of the nail. I noticed today ...
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