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Do teeth have some sort of memory?

I have read of some cases where teeth moved after having been aligned with braces or similar procedures. Here is one of those sources The longer the amount of time since you’ve had braces, the less ...
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Does mouthwash provide any benefits?

I have came across two questions on the topic, however they both seem to assume that mouthwash is beneficial. • How frequently should non-alcoholic mouthwashes be used? • How often should I use ...
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Do common colds transmit poorly through mouth-to-mouth kisses?

The Guardian (in 2017) chose to highlight this study In 1984, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison decided to investigate one of the best-known ways of catching a cold. They infected ...
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My friend was talking to me, but he would move his lips for several seconds before there was sound [closed]

I have never noticed this before with my friend, but at a recent party, he would start talking to me, and his lips/mouth would start talking, then words/sounds would follow maybe 2 seconds later. ...
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Does longer oil pulling than recommended 20 minutes bring any benefits?

EDIT. I am looking for references to serious research articles on the subject, whether confirming or refuting. (Or articles referring to such, but not articles without peer refereed references.) To ...
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White, filling type of, tooth medication. What is it?

The tooth was drilled deeply to the nerves and before the end of the visit, it was filled with so called medication. Its color is 100% white and it's very easily dissolvable. Question is what is it ...
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Why do some people get purple stains on teeth from red wine, and some don’t?

Drinking red wine, some people’s teeth, gums or lips will get a very distinct purple stain, while this does not happen at all for other people. I have a few guesses as to why: The smoothness of the ...
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How a bite inside the mouth gets healed though mouth is always wet inside?

It's a fascinating experience when the bite inside the mouth (especially cheek) gets cured automatically in short span of time. How is this possible as the mouth is exposed to bacteria and always wet? ...
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Structure of the Lips and potential Dermatillomania

If you grip the inside of your lips between your teeth and allow them to move back through, you can feel many small, relatively tough structures within. What are these structures, as I compulsively ...
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