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I easily get motion sickness/nausea/vomit when riding a bus [closed]

I know this sounds kinda weird for some reason but whenever I heard that we are having a long trip via bus I get a slight nausea eventhough we are not yet on the bus The symptoms triggers even when I ...
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1 answer

Instant nausea when boarding aircraft [closed]

Every time I am about to board a jet plane (your standard Boeing 737 for example) I am hit with instant debilitating nausea while inside the boarding ramp. (That enclosure that connects the aircraft ...
2 votes
0 answers

Wristbands and nausea

Acupressure wristbands are widely sold as a remedy for nausea caused by motion sickness. I have no doubt that they work for some people, because I experience exactly the opposite effect: elasticized ...
6 votes
1 answer

How can I prepare my body for a trip by boat and don't get motion sickness?

I have just made a 3 hours trip by boat and it has been horrible. I have felt sick for the whole trip. I took a pill for motion sickness and although I think it worked at the beginning I just finished ...
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Is Acupressure as a treatment for nausea or motion-sickness a legit remedy? How does it work?

Is Acupressure as a treatment for nausea or motion-sickness a legit remedy or a placebo? How does it work? They sell these wrist bands that are suppose to put pressure on pressure points (P6, SJ5, ...
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Why do I get dizzy when I expect an user interface to scroll while it's lagging?

I have a lot of programs running on my laptop. I got very used to scrolling things with my two fingers on a touchpad. The problem is when the programs start to lag and my eyes expect the scroll, but ...
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Does taking dramamine prevent your body from adapting to motion sickness

I am asking this question specifically about VR motion sickness but in all my research I have found that it is very similar to any other motion sickness. It appears that with VR motion sickness ...