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Discordant optimal total cholesterol levels for lowest mortality?

The 2019 ESC/EAS dyslipidemia guidelines [1] recommend lowering LDL cholesterol as much as possible to reduce cardiovascular risk. They cite evidence that higher LDL cholesterol increases CVD risk and ...
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Does prior COVID infection increase or decrease mortality on COVID reinfection?

One recent large scale study found that a prior COVID infection doubles your risk of dying when you later catch a subsequent COVID infection. This study followed 5 million people in the Veterans ...
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What is causing recent increase in R00-R99 deaths?

US CDC publishes provisional counts of deaths by select causes. This year, weekly deaths associated with ICD-10 codes R00-R99 increased from approximately 600 to more than 3,000. Those codes ...
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What is the difference in survival rate in all old people vs all healthy old people once infected with covid?

What is the difference in survival rates of people infected with covid who are members of the group defined as all people 70 years of age and older (say) compared with the group of all people of that ...
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How much more likely to die of covid, once infected, are you if you have no access to medical treatment?

How much more likely to die of covid, given that you are already infected with it, are you when you have no access to medical treatment compared to when you have access to full medical treatment ...
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Why do weekly deaths in the UK dramatically decrease during the end of December / beginning of January?

Looking at the weekly death statistics or the UK (something a few of us may have started the morbid habit of doing), I noticed an interesting phenomenon which seems to happen every year. The reports ...
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Why the mismatch between the EUROMOMO mortality rate and 'COVID-19 second wave' positive tests and hospitalizations?

Currently (September/October 2020) there is a large increase in the percentage of COVID-19 tests that come out positive, at least in several countries in Europe. And, at least in the Netherlands, ...
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Can the flu mortality be as high as covid-19 in some countries?

According to this Up to 650,000 people die of respiratory diseases linked to seasonal flu each year This marks an increase on the previous global estimate of 250 000 – 500 000, which dates from over ...
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Why does there seem to be such a big difference in covid case mortality between the USA and Europe?

At the time of writing (11 July 2020) the USA have almost 3.2 million confirmed cases of coronavirus infections, while Europe has slightly over 1.8 million with the USA passing Europe around 10 May ...
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Are population-related conclusions obtained from autopsy applicable to the general population?

In this paper, it says that "Although the prevalence of pineal cysts in autopsy series has been reported as being between 25% and 40%, MR studies have documented their frequency to range between ...
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What is the Fatality Rate of the Common Cold? [closed]

During COVID-19, we've heard many comparisons between SARS-CoV-2 and the Flu, especially in terms of the case fatality rate (CFR). Currently, the Flu is thought to be around 0.1%, and according to the ...
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What data and research is available on the mortality risk (infection fatality rate) of COVID-19?

Given controversy and confusion over aspects of COVID-19, particularly over comparisons and contrasts with the mortality risk of seasonal flu, this question seeks data and findings on the mortality ...
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Updates on mortality rate once on a ventilator with Covid-19?

CNN even in fairly recent articles keeps pointing to this (March 5) Lancet page (which is an editorial summarizing an even older study published on Feb 21) for mortality rates of Covid-19 on a ...
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