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How do doctors learn to spot cancer in moles?

It is very clear to me that doctors do not use the ABCDE rule to check a mole for skin cancer, as I probably have 30-40 moles that clearly violate one or more of these rules, yet the doctor always ...
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Probability to develop a new type of melanoma

I saw that there are different types of melanoma: some are more aggressive and others are less dangerous. From what I understood searching on web, the causes of melanoma are not clear but there are ...
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Need help interpreting histology results (punch skin biopsy)

Good day. About a month ago I've removed a mole (nevus) which accrued on "clean" skin (de novo) about 4-5 months ago. It has always been charcoal black and 1,5 mm in diameter. So the dermatologist ...
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Why is it or isn't it smart for a healthy individual to perform auto-surgery in removing suspicious skin spots?

Why is it or isn't it advisable/smart for a healthy individual to simply remove suspicious skin spots himself/herself?
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Had a skin biopsy of a suspicious mole (10 stitches) -- how to prevent ugly scar-tissue from forming? Make scar less noticeable?

Recently, I had a suspicious mole removed (skin biopsy) to be tested for melanoma (I've had a few of this nature), but this one was quite deep and large, and required 10 stitches. How to prevent a big ...
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Theoretically, are spots with brown spots inside them cancerous? [closed]

One may have a few large brown spots here and there around their body and loads of tiny brown spots. Inside a few of these spots are smaller darker brown spots that are irregularly shaped. melanoma is ...
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how to get rid of a raised mole in my left thigh which is painful sometimes?

I am 22 , male. The mole appeared some 3 weeks before . Since last week it is painful sometimes ,not all time . The spot is left thigh near the groin muscle. It is difficult to wear jeans and even ...
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