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Illnesses from indoor Mold growth: Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

Has anyone heard of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)? Would you say it is a real illness that can be treated? It is described as a multi-system, multi-symptom illness. There are peer-...
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Prepare tea directly in water boiler - dangerous?

Is it dangerous to prepare tea directly in a water boiler? If I prepare green tea in a water boiler there is some discoloring of the container. Are there any bacteria/ molds which are dangerous to one'...
6 votes
5 answers

Healthy practices: Bad smell in water bottle

I have this habit of having a water of bottle near me when I go to sleep. Not a while ago I used a plastic bottle for that - I refilled it each day or two. I read somewhere that plastic encourages ...
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Can mold in a building cause fatigue?

Pretty much what the title says, can mold in a building cause fatigue? I've been working with the same company for almost 11 years. The first 2 and a half years I was at another building until they ...
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Can I take moldy melatonin pills?

I have melatonin pills that were stored in the bathroom for a while. The expiration date is still valid, but they have some weird dots that look like mold. Can I still take them? Will they even work? ...
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Help identifying possible workplace contaminants

A family member of mine works in a call center, and has been experiencing several symptoms whenever at work: headache slightly, yet measurably elevated body temperature (~37,2 °C) rashes in the ...
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2 answers

Are bread molds dangerous to ingest?

I will occasionally notice minor molds developing on bread I've left for a few days at room temperature. Often, there will be some mold noticeable on a few pieces, while other pieces are fine. I know ...