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How can people supplement minerals when they have IBD?

People who are already suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD) are at risk of developing nutritional deficiency. One clinical option is to supplement them. But as their gut is already ...
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Is there bromide insufficiency and if so, how does it treated without causing bromism?

I have read about mineral inefficiencies in humans such as iron insufficiency or zinc insufficiency and recently I learned on the use of bromine containing molecules (bromides) in different medical ...
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Cloves and potassium intake [closed]

since it is so hard to get the required daily 3,700 mg of potassium, I have been considering adding cloves to my diet. I found it easy to swallow powdered cloves in the morning, however I'd like to ...
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Supplementing potassium to get my 4.7g RDA - is it safe?

Potassium supplements are limited to 100mg, however the RDA is 4.7g. From the foods I do eat (and will continue to do so), I get around 1.5g of potassium per day, which is way too little. However, is ...
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Hard water and cardiovascular problems

Wikipedia cites one 1970 study by Voors claiming that drinking hard water lessens the odds of dying from atherosclerosis. The stud itself even makes some bolder claims stratified by race, namely that ...
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Calcium and iron absorption

I have often read that calcium and iron-rich foods (or supplements) should not be ingested within the same meal, as those two minerals impede each other's absorption trough the gut. But several ...
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Are minerals in salts (e.g. Himalayan) overrated?

I have heard that health experts recommend Himalayan or Celtic or generally salts that contain more minerals than the usual table salt. However... keep in mind that these really are tiny amounts. ...
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Is a taste test a reliable way to determine mineral deficiencies?

I stumbled across a rather odd class of products online, dubbed "trace mineral taste test kits". I won't link to them because it'll probably trigger all the spam filter bots, but a typical ...
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What is the LD50 on once-a-day vitamins?

Just because I want to know. For reference, here is the ingredient list for ONE A DAY Men's Health Formula: Vitamin A (14% as beta-carotene) 3500 IU 70% Vitamin C 60 mg 100% Vitamin D (as Vitamin D3) ...
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Do we know of any vitamin or mineral deficiencies that cause an increase in appetite?

I know that people who lack Zinc tend to have less appetite. In contrast: have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies that cause an increase in appetite been found in the seemingly-objective scientific ...
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timing of mineral consumption, and absorption competition

It makes sense that many minerals inhibit the absorption of other minerals because they are chemically similar and therefore often compete for similar biochemical pathways for absorption [e.g. iron, ...
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Can we re mineralize our teeth?

Is it possible to mineralize and make our corroding teeth strong back again? What should one do? Which food items will help? Answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Do you need to consume iodised salt?

I don't eat table salt anymore except on very special occasions when I'm eating out or something like that, but in my home I prefer to use herbs and other things to add taste to food and avoid using ...
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What are the dangers of breathing minerals that are dispersed into the air by a humidifier?

The Mayo Clinic warns against the use of tap water in a humidifier: Use distilled or demineralized water. Tap water contains minerals that can create deposits inside your humidifier that promote ...
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Are homemade toothpastes as effective as industrial toothpastes?

There are a lot of recipes in the internet of homemade toothpastes (see this link or this link as examples). Most of the recipes remark the benefits of using these toothpastes to promote ...
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How to prevent lack of potassium from physical activity?

My question is based on my (quite) recent experience. I have ridden on my bicycle since September of 2012. This activity leads to decreasing of volume of kalium (potassium). Hard to say how much. ...
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Do we really need as much calcium as the government recommends?

The US RDA for calcium for children 9-18 is 1300mg/day, for which milk and dairy seem like the only reasonable source. The vegetable sources of calcium would need to be eaten in impractically large ...
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Does cooking food prevent the body from efficiently absorbing minerals?

It is true that we absorb minerals from cooked food less efficiently, because the membranes of our cells are made up mostly of hydrogen ions, therefore cooking food lose its anionic charge and it ...
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