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Is it safe to stand near the microwave oven while it operates? [closed]

My son told me that it's possible to test whether your microwave oven is properly insulated by putting a cell phone into the oven, closing the door, and then calling that phone. We did this, and the ...
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If I microwave an infected piece of, let's say, cloth, for a minute or two, would it become disinfected?

This article suggests temperatures over 150 degrees Fahrenheit kill viruses. So, forgive my ignorance on the subject, but does this mean that if I microwave a potentially infected (i.e. with viruses ...
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How long exposure to microwave radiation is considered dangerous? [duplicate]

Today I wanted to heat my breakfast in the microwave, when the microwave finished heating my food I pressed the button to open the door, but at that moment the microwave turned again, with the door a ...
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Any known health hazards due to rusty metal on the inside of a microwave oven?

Imagine a metal microwave which is a bit rusty, also on the inside. Would there be any health hazards due to the condition of this metal, when using the microwave oven?
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Microwaving veggies/fish and nutrients

I usually just put a bowl of frozen veggies in the microwave for dinner, without adding any water. When it's done, there's a considerable amount water in the bowl. Some of that comes from small pieces ...
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Are there any health risks associated with opening a microwave oven before it has finished?

I have noticed that some people press the Stop or Pause button before opening an active microwave oven. Other people open them right up while they are running, without manually stopping them first. ...
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Is food prepared in a microwave oven less healthy?

There are people who avoid preparing their food in microwave ovens for various health-related reasons. The claims most often stated are: Microwave radiation is harmful. Microwaving destroys vitamins ...
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