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Questions about micronutrients - substances necessary for normal metabolism, growth and development, and regulation of cell functions, but needed only in very small amounts. Vitamins (such as A, B group, C, E, K etc.) and trace minerals (such as zinc, selenimum etc.) are micronutrients.

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What needs to be exposed for the body to produce Vitamin D?

What parts of the body need to be exposed to sunlight for the body to produce Vitamin D? Some say it's the skin, some say it's the eyes, and some say it's a combination. The most common answer I ...
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Taking Supplements - space out my Vitamin A? And the others?

Each day I take a multi-vitamin and a cod liver oil tablet (along with creatine and L-Glutamine). Both of these tablets claim to contain 100% RDA (Recommended Daily Amount) of Vitamin A. I take these ...
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Does taking Vitmain B-Complex with zinc through tablets really help in reversing hair fall

I am thinking of taking Vitmain B-Complex tablets. I am concerned about my overall metabolism and my prime concern is my hairs. Does it also help in treating premature grey hairs?
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Where can I find statistics about micronutrients deficiencies in European countries?

Data from the USDA show that many US residents fail to meet adequate intakes -based on average requirement- of several micronutrients. For example only 8% of US citizens meet requirements for fiber, ...
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Is it possible to reverse the skin cell damage caused by sunlight by taking appropriate vitamins?

Of course it is said that vitamins C and E are good for skin, but I would like to know if it is actually possible to reverse any of the skin cell damage i.e. sunburn, skin aging, melanoma caused by ...
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17 votes
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Is exceeding the US RDA for vitamin C dangerous?

When I travel I take vitamin C supplements. The product I use has 1000 mg of vitamin C. When traveling I take multiple doses every day. This way exceeds the US RDA of 90 mg for adult males. Is it bad ...
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Are calcium supplements harmful, even if you stay short of the maximum dose?

Source: Do You Really Need Calcium Supplements?, Margaret Polaneczky MD, 2014 Oct 2 You may also have heard that taking calcium supplements can lead to heart disease. It’s still an open question. Some ...
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