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Is colloidial silver harmful if the particles are small enough?

Personally, I'm convinced that colloidial silver is harmful and ineffective. My SO thinks otherwise and has been consuming it daily for the last couple of days and plans to continue this week (50 mcg/...
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What percentage of fillings performed today are done with mercury amalgam?

There's a lot of talk on the internet that mercury amalgam fillings are toxic and should not be done. In the 20 years since my first cavity I've only received metals-free composite fillings. My ...
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2 answers

Are aluminum kettles dangerous?

Can long-term usage of aluminum kettles cause Altzheimer's or another disease, considering the fact that the water inside is heated to 100 C?
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What protective mechanisms against lead absorption are present in adults but not fully developed in children?

According to this summary, adults typically absorb up to 20% of ingested lead after a meal, whereas children typically absorb up to 50% of ingested lead after a meal. When I search to try to find out ...
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Health risk of lead crystal?

In the Wikipedia article on lead crystal it says that crystal glasses have become "rare" due to the "health risks" of lead. This seems kind of crazy to me. Isn't the lead oxide in the glass bound ...
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Does dipping something metal in alcohol sterilize it?

Since childhood, some people told me that wetting a metal utensil in alcohol could sterilize it. How true is this?
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Is drinking tap water safe in Île-de-France on a long term?

I work in Île-de-France (a region in France mainland), Orsay to be precise. I would be here atleast for 2 years. Should I be concerned of the long term health issues by drinking tap water on a ...
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Which cookware is best from health perspective?

Cookwares are made up of various materials. Which cookware is best from health perspective? Please include anodised aluminium and stainless steel in your answer.
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Is it possible that inhaling copper vapor, in some form, can help in treating a bacterial or viral infection of the lung? [closed]

There are many studies showing the antimicrobial properties of copper. Based on these properties, is it possible that inhaling copper vapor, in some form, can help in treating a bacterial or viral ...
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Any known health hazards due to rusty metal on the inside of a microwave oven?

Imagine a metal microwave which is a bit rusty, also on the inside. Would there be any health hazards due to the condition of this metal, when using the microwave oven?
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What are the effects of storing drinking water in a copper container?

I recently learned that Ayurveda recommends storing drinking water in copper containers for positive health benefits. Upon my simple experimentation, I've noticed the following effects: Water Type :...
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2 answers

hip replacement - above titanium?

Hey everybody I got back from a visit with an orthopedic this morning and we're talking about a getting a hip replacement and he mentioned some a hip replacement material that is up one level above ...
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Best way to heavy metal detox

What is the most effective way to detox from heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic that are an unfortunate part of the post-industrial era we live in now. Do we even need to? I'm not talking about ...
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