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Concerning ingestion, absorption, or contamination of the human body, internally or externally, by elemental mercury or mercuric compounds.

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Best to replace amalgam filling with composite?

My question is whether it's best to replace amalgam fillings with newer, composite fillings. My concern is the constant, low-level of Hg leaching into the body. I understand that removing them will ...
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Mercury in the water/oil in canned tuna?

I have found info on canned tuna containing Mercury, but not about how much Mercury is there in the water/oil in which it's canned, so if someone can point to studies/actual data measuring this, ...
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After effects of mercury vapor inhalation [closed]

I tried to find information about this online but unfortunately couldn't find anything besides more or less serious-looking articles. I'm not sure this is the right place to ask but I don't know where ...
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What is the reason for pink discoloration in pink disease or acrodynia

Pink disease or acrodynia is a reaction to large doses of amalgam. It is an uncommon mercurial toxicity reaction in which skin is involved. According toWikipedia: Acrodynia is a condition of pain and ...
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Can the evaporated mercury from an LCD harm me? [closed]

I opened a laptop today and I accidentally touched on a don't touch ribbon with my screwdriver. I searched on the internet and I might have broken the screen's backlight and leaked mercury vapor (...
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Is it risky to eat at most 12 ounces of canned sardines weekly for about two months?

According to this page In the 'Concern About Sardines' Mercury Content' section The FDA recommends a weekly intake of two to ...
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breathing in versus injecting mercury (the gas)

Breathing in mercury is extremely bad and can have consequences for your whole remaining life. It's the property of mercury to evaporate at room temperature, which is why it can get harmful so ...
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Is it advisable for a healthy male in his early 40s to take the influenza vaccine?

Influenza vaccines do not have satisfactory effective rates of preventing flu. Flu vaccination reduces the risk of flu illness by between 40% and 60% among the overall population during seasons when ...
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How and where to test for organic mercury levels?

I tried to find information about this online but unfortunately couldn't find anything besides more or less serious-looking articles explaining the different kinds of mercury poisoining, etc... I'm ...
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Best way to heavy metal detox

What is the most effective way to detox from heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic that are an unfortunate part of the post-industrial era we live in now. Do we even need to? I'm not talking about ...
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