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Probability to develop a new type of melanoma

I saw that there are different types of melanoma: some are more aggressive and others are less dangerous. From what I understood searching on web, the causes of melanoma are not clear but there are ...
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Anti-PD1 in adjuvancy after resection of metastatic melanoma in Europe

I was wondering if it is possible to get anti-PD1 (nivo/pembro/...) treatment in an adjuvant setting after resection of metastatic melanoma. Even if that means paying the treatment. As far as I know, ...
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Had a skin biopsy of a suspicious mole (10 stitches) -- how to prevent ugly scar-tissue from forming? Make scar less noticeable?

Recently, I had a suspicious mole removed (skin biopsy) to be tested for melanoma (I've had a few of this nature), but this one was quite deep and large, and required 10 stitches. How to prevent a big ...
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What are the minimum specifications for a dermascope?

In addition to professionally sourced dermascopes that tend to be expensive are several low end devices that connect wirelessly to a smartphone. What would be the minimum specifications of a device to ...
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