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What is the effect of stress on inflammation

People are advised to practice mindfulness meditation / breathing techniques for stress reduction which is considered to indirectly help with chronic inflammatory diseases also such as allergies, ...
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Is transcendental meditation pseudoscience? [closed]

Is transcendental meditation pseudoscience or it is confirmed by official medical science? Does students learn it at study?
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Is leg "falling asleep" (e.g. during meditation) dangerous?

During meditation sits of 30 to 60 minutes, it is common for one or other leg to "fall asleep" after maybe 15 to 20 minutes. Is a leg being "asleep" for between 10 and 45 minutes dangerous? Is it ...
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Are there side effects of listening to binaural sounds? [closed]

I have started listening to binaural sounds (left side wave of 89.75hz, right side wave of 85.25hz) for meditation every day for 10 to 15 mins in morning. I feel calm, relaxed and focused after that. ...
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What is the connection between health, exercise, and meditation? [closed]

I have heard that health, exercise and meditation have a connection. How do these three factors interact towards having a better or more relaxing life?
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Can I keep thinking during meditation? [closed]

I mean, will it be still useful or useful to any degree if I think while meditating? What if there's a conversation going around inside my head? Please answer it specifically in the context of mental ...
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Focus on breathing vs on heart beats

I do yoga and meditation since about two years. Breathing is a very important according to all books and teachers I met. During the last days I discovered that there is something with helps me much ...
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Why does relaxation/meditaion help when you have cold feet/hands?

Sometimes when I'm cold and by cold I mean I have cold feet and hands I sit and mediate for a few minutes (usualy for about 15min). After few minutes I feel how my feet and hands become bit by bit ...
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Any scientific evidence supporting positive effects from listening to binaural beats?

Is there any peer-reviewed scientific evidence supporting positive effects from listening to binaural beats? If so, what types of binaural beats, and what were the positive effects? Have any ...
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If meditating lowers brain activity and low brain activity is good then how come when you see low brain activities in (brain) PET scans its bad?

A lot of people try to scare you from taking drugs by showing you pictures of brains with lower brain activities on PET scans. But if meditating does the same exact thing and creates PET scans that ...
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What are the effects of routine and daily meditation and physical exercise on pregnancy?

There are various studies with supporting data on what not to do during pregnancy, with many actions and/or situations that can negatively impact the growing human during pregnancy. However, I am ...
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