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How often are explicitly or implicitly bayesian approaches used in clinical diagnoses?

Intuitvely, patient diagnosis seems like a pardigmatically bayesian problem. I'm interested in the extent to which explicit (or implicit, if it can be established) bayesian reasoning informs patient ...
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Where to Download Brain Anatomy 3D Model?

I am doing a virtual reality simulation for endoscopic brain surgery. I need a medically accurate 3D model of a human head. It has to include all the veins, skull, muscles, nerves and brain anatomy. ...
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What is the best method to get a non-student clinical rotation in the US?

Medical students in the US usually participate in several clinical rotations before they graduate. What about someone who is not a student, but does have medical license (passed the USMLE tests), and ...
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How similar/dissimilar are the requirements to be a registered nurse in America and Europe?

How different are the college programs? Is nursing school more difficult in Europe or America? What is the average time a person spends on college to become a registered nurse in Europe?
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Why doctors have different opinions and diagnosis for the same patient?

I really wonder why different doctors have different opinions or diagnosis. I've experienced this many times. For example, I went to ten doctors to see what's wrong with my eye. Some of them said I'm ...
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Why is it or isn't it smart for a healthy individual to perform auto-surgery in removing suspicious skin spots?

Why is it or isn't it advisable/smart for a healthy individual to simply remove suspicious skin spots himself/herself?
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Existence of injection administering certification?

Is there a legal training, certification, or license that allows one to legally inject substances/medications into others? Is it illegal to inject others or aid in injecting others without such ...
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Verify Credentials for Nurse Practitioner

There is a Nurse Practitioner near our home who can do most routine things Doctors can do, i.e. blood test, flu shot, etc, etc What websites can help verify credentials, education, complaints, etc of ...
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